10 cruel things men do to women: Very much in Reality!

cruel men


Love him or hate him, nevertheless, you can’t dismiss him – yes, we could talking about the person you will ever have. He’s essentially the most adoring creature in your daily life, but he can be the perpetual torture with multiple ways.

Here, are 10 cruel things that men do to women…

1. Having the biggest ego: Ever before thought about why men hate taking guidelines and choose hunting out the area independently, even if this means 2 hours wait and waste products of gas. Well, the answer is the best ego they walk around with. This is the pettiest exemplar of the man’s ego, which gets damage at the drop of the head wear and requires a massage whenever you can.

2. Living with a ‘selective memory’: They’ll not only keep in mind the name of each cricketer and basketball player on earth but will also know their ratings by heart and soul. But, as soon as the deal is approximately keeping in mind birthdays and anniversaries of men and women near them, their brain suffers a disease called ‘selective memory space syndrome’.

3. Ogling (read at breasts): ‘Men do stare at women’s chest’ has been stamped as public by a global wide review. But how exactly we wish they realized that their drooling at the look of a proper endowed girl is cruel not and then the victim of this gaze, but also to the girl seated beside them. Yes, they don’t really miss any chance, even if it’s when they are over a date!

4. Being overtly possessive: Where on the planet does men get that insecurity from? (Their mom? )They blame women to be jealous but only reference to another man of their girl can change them into an ever before clinging magnet.

5. Taking pride in their hypocrisy: Men can’t have more cruel than this! They love hanging out with the coolest and sexiest babe in the city, however when it involves meeting mom, from the ‘homely’ young lady they start trying to find. You cherished her dressing style and carefree frame of mind when she emerged for night-outs along with you, what’s get back marriage materials hunt now?

6. Showing extra care: So how exactly does it feel to consider his ‘where-about’ phone calls every quarter-hour after you come out of the house? The care for the reason that gesture is out of the windows and irritation can take fee. Don’t they realize that we resided safe, reasonable and correctly well nowadays before they arrived to our lives. Trust someone is being attentive.

7. Throwing their ‘superman’ self everywhere: Yes, it seems nice when men remain for a few help. However, their ‘I-can-do-everything-under-the-sun’ frame of mind does more damage than good, in particular when they think themselves to be exalted beings – a plumber, electrician, carpenter and a financial adviser all rolled into one.

8. Consider emotions to be crap: Women might be mental but developing a continuous practical perspective, like men doesn’t, rating well always. Men can be better beings for certain, if indeed they stop making fun of sentiments and disregarding them as ineffective.

9. Being the friend worshippers: It’s very torturing for women when men don’t figure out how to priorities their life post relationship. They blame her to be a clinging vine when she requests his time, but how sane could it be to truly have a couple of friends in the backseat on the long-drive, that was planned to be always a romantic one?

10. Being the sex monster: Certainly, women love zest during intercourse, but it is rather cruel of men to demand their lovers that can be played the porn superstar they saw for the reason that flick yesterday evening. It’s easier to let her be herself in a sexapade somewhat than placing her within an uncomfy situation and then blaming her to be non-cooperative.

Video Shows a Giant Dragon skeleton found in China. People are Shocked!

dragon skeleton

A HUGE skeleton resembling a mythical dragon has been uncovered in China, relating to an amazing viral video.

Local people who flocked across the bizarre discovery seemed to believe maybe it’s genuine.

A lot more than 10 million folks have viewed the brief training video of the gigantic bone fragments which look like the fire-breathing famous dinosaur-like creature.

The remains look like a long back, with a set of legs and arms, and a dragon-like skull at one end.

Dozens of local people gather across the skeleton in the video tutorial that was filmed in Zhangjiakou City, in China’s north Hebei Province.

skeleton of dragon

Villagers seem to be persuaded as they stand in awe of the big pile of bone fragments.

The skeleton fits with the dragons that come in Chinese mythology.

Unlike the animals from the Western, Chinese dragons haven’t any wings and soar by “swimming” through air just like a snake.

Social networking users believe that it is merely a more elaborate hoax.

Authorities analyzing the corpse have yet release a a affirmation about the so-called dragon’s remains.

Ideas have been increased the skeleton may be considered a prop from a film, made by using a cow skulls, but no person has established these claims.

Some on Chinese language social multimedia said the skeleton seemed to have been put there intentionally.

On the site, wukong.com, people composed that the skeleton appeared as if it was made out of cow or sheep bone fragments.

A writer on the site also posted an image of local people ‘operating’ the creature and said that the image was evidence they recognized it was a prank.

They had written: “The villagers were driving onto it and having pictures used, they confirmed no respect so that it was clear that they realized what it was.”

Aliens on Mars? UFO mothership is on the Red Planet, claim spotters

UFO hunters think that they have discovered an alien mothership on Mars.

A video published to YouTube by Paranormal Crucible shows what they assert to be always a 1.3 mile long spaceship resting on the Red World.

The narrator is the video tutorial says that it’s proof a alien spaceship crash arrived on Mars where is has continued to be for a large number of years where it offers degraded as time passes.

A description under the training video reads: “I’ve refined, colorised and rebuilt the thing and in my own view this is a craft of some sort, possibly thousands of yrs . old.”

The images were considered by Nasa’s Mars Global Surveyor which snapped pictures of the earth before space firm lost connection with it in 2006.

marsh ufo
Source: Express.co.uk

The narrator of the video tutorial says: “The thing is too degraded to improve totally therefore i have rebuilt it using the sights that are shown in the video tutorial.

Actual object
Source: Express.co.uk

“It’s also on the mile long, which means this will need to have been a mothership, the Martian one or perhaps an off world alien varieties, but why achieved it crash?”

However, commenters of the video tutorial weren’t so convinced that it’s an alien dispatch.

Source: Express.co.uk

One individual made the point: “Wait, if it crash landed, then where is the crater?”

Another said: “It’s a meteorite crash landing trench in my opinion.”

However, one person threw more mystery into the situation.They said: “It’s actually a rather deep ditch. The real mystery is how the hell it got out there? It’s in the middle of a very flat desert.”


Monster Python Killed In Indonesia After It Attacks Man. Its size was Unbelievable!


Imagine driving down the road when all of the sudden, you see a gigantic python blocking traffic.

The very last thing you’d probably wish to accomplish is deal with the snake and make an effort to move it, right? Well, that’s just what one motorist, 37-year-old Robert Nababan, do while operating around on his moped on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. He found what most are contacting a monster python, and he even experienced a battle with the creature. (He resided in order to the story.)

snake 2

The snake within Indonesia is thought to be a reticulated python, like the main one pictured below. They’re the world’s longest snakes and longest reptiles, which range from about 4.9 to 21.3 feet. They’re also on the list of heaviest snakes and can think about between 2.2 and 165.3 pounds

python open

Like all pythons, they aren’t venomous and aren’t usually considered dangerous to humans. However, there are exclusions. Just to illustrate, the person in Indonesia who was simply eaten by the one that was 23 feet long


Reticulated pythons calculating over 19 ft are pretty uncommon, but it appears that lots of the longest are located in Indonesia, as the main one blocking the street measured 23 feet as well.


When Nababan and two others attempted to go the substantial python (pictured below), it amount into his arm and started out coiling around his body. These were eventually in a position to destroy the snake, though, as you of these was thought to be carrying much blade.

If Nababan had been alone in his efforts, I’m not so sure he would’ve won the fight. Thankfully, there were other people around to help battle this monstrous snake.

Source: viralnova

Police Watched a Man Jump Into A Stranger’s Car. The Reason Why Is Incredible!

moving car

Most would be inclined to stay out of the vehicle’s way or call police, afraid that the person is under the influence and they’ll be hurt if they try to intervene. But fortunately for one man who needed medical attention on the road, a nearby driver didn’t hesitate to leave his truck and run to help.

Police in Dixon, Illinois, were recently driving around the city when they spotted a car slowly rolling through a red light. They followed the vehicle, which had drifted into the opposite lane.

That’s when the patrol car’s dash cam recorded Randy Tompkins stopping his truck in the middle of the road and running toward the slowly-moving car.

Tompkins realized that the driver of the vehicle was having a seizure, so he jumped through an open window into the car.

It only took seconds for him to take control and stop the car so police could help the man inside. Check out his heroic actions below.


A Ghost car suddenly appears from no where and causes a Crash on the road

ghost car

There are tons of hazards when driving. It’s actually one of the more dangerous activities some of us do every day.

While you can control yourself and be a safe driver, there’s no telling what the other people on the road are going to do. All we can do is trust that our fellow motorists are trying to stay safe.

In Singapore during heavy traffic, a car with a mounted camera was doing its best to follow the traffic lights, but then something spooky happened, and no one can figure out why.

Watch as a ‘ghost car’ appears seemingly out of nowhere into the middle of the road, causing an accident. Yikes!

Can you figure it out just what happened there? What do you think? comment below!

Virat Kohli beats Lionel Messi in Forbes top 10 list of valuable athletes


India captain Virat Kohli has a lot of things going for him at the moment. The 28-year-old has showcased remarkable batting consistency and astute leadership in all three formats of the game. Kohli not only has a vision for Indian cricket but has also been able to implement measures within the team to achieve it. From showcasing an aggressive brand of cricket to drastic improvement in fitness levels of players, Kohli’s stamp is all over the current Indian cricket set up. Kohli is not just the most marketable athlete in India but the face of cricket globally.

In a sense, Kohli’s popularity and power has been captured in the latest list of the world’s most valuable athletes released by Forbes on Wednesday. The brand value of athletes is their earnings (excluding salary and bonus from their sport and all investment income), minus the average income of the top 10 athletes in the same sport.

Kohli’s brand value is higher than football legend Lionel Messi, golf superstar Rory McIlroy and Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry. Roger Federer tops the list, while Cristiano Ronaldo features at the number four spot.


Top 10 most valuable athletes

1. Roger Federer $37.2m

2. LeBron James $33.4m

3. Usain Bolt $27m

4. Cristiano Ronaldo $21.5m

5. Phil Mickelson $19.6m

6. Tiger Woods $16.6m

7. Virat Kohli $14.5m

8. Rory McIlroy $13.6m

9. Lionel Messi $13.5m

10. Steph Curry $13.4m

The star batsman has been on a record-breaking run in recent time. In the 1st ODI against New Zealand, Kohli smashed a brilliant hundred at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai to become the second-highest century-maker in One-day International cricket. With his 31st ODI ton, he went past Ricky Ponting and is now just behind Sachin Tendulkar, who has 49 ODI centuries.

After his 29-run knock, Kohli became the highest run scorer in ODIs in 2017, overtaking South Africa’s Hashim Amla.

After Weeks of Troubled Sleep, Woman Sets Up CCTV in the Bedroom and Discovers ‘Ghost’ (Do Not Watch Alone)


A woman who was sound asleep got the fright of her life when she was awoken by a GHOST in her room.

This incredible video shows that, although she was in a peaceful slumber in her bed, all was not quiet in her room.

Firstly, the bathroom door opens in the video seemingly all by itself, which is definitely uncommon nocturnal activity.

But she has a rude awakening when she feels someone pulling at the bed sheets, and she sits bolt upright.


The lights switch on and off, and she eventually decides to get out of bed, She goes to the bathroom, closing the door tight behind her, before getting back into bed.

But after more lights flash on and off, she tries to make a call on her mobile.

The video ends with her staring uncertainly at the bathroom door, back under the covers but clearly uneasy.

The woman says she has felt an unusual atmosphere in her home for more than a year, and this video shows that there may be something unusual going on.

Watch the scary video below:


A 1-year old Baby Survives by Eating Cockroaches for 2 Weeks after Mom Died in the Shower

baby survived by eating cockroaches

A 1-year-old baby lived on cockroaches and toilet water for 2 weeks after her mother died in the shower. In a report on News 4, building superintendent Ronald Megan remarked, “Kids complain about eating off brand cereal like Fruity-O’s and this little girl ate roaches for 2 weeks and lived.” He was the one who discovered the baby living by herself in the apartment after her mother, Sandra Jones, died.

Relatives of Sandra got a little worried when they had not heard from her for some time. So, they requested the superintendent to open the door to her apartment just to check if she and her 1-year-old baby were fine.

Ronald was shocked at the stench coming from the apartment when he opened the door. What greeted him was the sight of the unkempt apartment and the 1-year-old girl covered in her own urine and feces. The smell of a decaying body led him to the bathroom where Sandra’s dead body was already decomposing.

baby survived by eating cockroaches
There were plenty of cockroaches in the apartment — and many were dead on the floor. With no food around, the baby’s survival instincts kicked in and she ate those roaches to live. It was believed that she got water from the toilet as she was still too short to reach the kitchen sink.

Investigators believe that Sandra slipped and died after hitting her head on the tub. They estimate that she had been dead for around 2 weeks or so; this meant that her baby had been living on roaches for at least 2 weeks!

The building superintendent could not help but remark, “It’s a miracle she’s alive. I mean she ate the roaches because she was starving. That little girl knew what to do to survive. The house was absolutely disgusting, but thank God. If these roaches weren’t here that little girl would be dead.”

The baby was brought to the hospital and is now in the custody of her aunt.