Monster Python Killed In Indonesia After It Attacks Man. Its size was Unbelievable!

Monster Python Killed In Indonesia After It Attacks Man. Its size was Unbelievable!

Imagine driving down the road when all of the sudden, you see a gigantic python blocking traffic.

The very last thing you’d probably wish to accomplish is deal with the snake and make an effort to move it, right? Well, that’s just what one motorist, 37-year-old Robert Nababan, do while operating around on his moped on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. He found what most are contacting a monster python, and he even experienced a battle with the creature. (He resided in order to the story.)

snake 2

The snake within Indonesia is thought to be a reticulated python, like the main one pictured below. They’re the world’s longest snakes and longest reptiles, which range from about 4.9 to 21.3 feet. They’re also on the list of heaviest snakes and can think about between 2.2 and 165.3 pounds

python open

Like all pythons, they aren’t venomous and aren’t usually considered dangerous to humans. However, there are exclusions. Just to illustrate, the person in Indonesia who was simply eaten by the one that was 23 feet long


Reticulated pythons calculating over 19 ft are pretty uncommon, but it appears that lots of the longest are located in Indonesia, as the main one blocking the street measured 23 feet as well.


When Nababan and two others attempted to go the substantial python (pictured below), it amount into his arm and started out coiling around his body. These were eventually in a position to destroy the snake, though, as you of these was thought to be carrying much blade.

If Nababan had been alone in his efforts, I’m not so sure he would’ve won the fight. Thankfully, there were other people around to help battle this monstrous snake.

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