A 1-year old Baby Survives by Eating Cockroaches for 2 Weeks after Mom Died in the Shower

A 1-year old Baby Survives by Eating Cockroaches for 2 Weeks after Mom Died in the Shower

A 1-year-old baby lived on cockroaches and toilet water for 2 weeks after her mother died in the shower. In a report on News 4, building superintendent Ronald Megan remarked, “Kids complain about eating off brand cereal like Fruity-O’s and this little girl ate roaches for 2 weeks and lived.” He was the one who discovered the baby living by herself in the apartment after her mother, Sandra Jones, died.

Relatives of Sandra got a little worried when they had not heard from her for some time. So, they requested the superintendent to open the door to her apartment just to check if she and her 1-year-old baby were fine.

Ronald was shocked at the stench coming from the apartment when he opened the door. What greeted him was the sight of the unkempt apartment and the 1-year-old girl covered in her own urine and feces. The smell of a decaying body led him to the bathroom where Sandra’s dead body was already decomposing.

baby survived by eating cockroaches
There were plenty of cockroaches in the apartment — and many were dead on the floor. With no food around, the baby’s survival instincts kicked in and she ate those roaches to live. It was believed that she got water from the toilet as she was still too short to reach the kitchen sink.

Investigators believe that Sandra slipped and died after hitting her head on the tub. They estimate that she had been dead for around 2 weeks or so; this meant that her baby had been living on roaches for at least 2 weeks!

The building superintendent could not help but remark, “It’s a miracle she’s alive. I mean she ate the roaches because she was starving. That little girl knew what to do to survive. The house was absolutely disgusting, but thank God. If these roaches weren’t here that little girl would be dead.”

The baby was brought to the hospital and is now in the custody of her aunt.

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