After Weeks of Troubled Sleep, Woman Sets Up CCTV in the Bedroom and Discovers ‘Ghost’ (Do Not Watch Alone)


A woman who was sound asleep got the fright of her life when she was awoken by a GHOST in her room.

This incredible video shows that, although she was in a peaceful slumber in her bed, all was not quiet in her room.

Firstly, the bathroom door opens in the video seemingly all by itself, which is definitely uncommon nocturnal activity.

But she has a rude awakening when she feels someone pulling at the bed sheets, and she sits bolt upright.


The lights switch on and off, and she eventually decides to get out of bed, She goes to the bathroom, closing the door tight behind her, before getting back into bed.

But after more lights flash on and off, she tries to make a call on her mobile.

The video ends with her staring uncertainly at the bathroom door, back under the covers but clearly uneasy.

The woman says she has felt an unusual atmosphere in her home for more than a year, and this video shows that there may be something unusual going on.

Watch the scary video below: