A Four-year-old boy dies after swallowing toy in a snack pack

Meesala Nireekshan, who unsuspectingly chewed and swallowed the plastic toy along with tomato rings in the packet at his home in Eluru last evening, choked to death, a police official said today.

A miniature toy, kept in a snack pack to lure children into buying the packet, turned out to be fatal for a four-year-old boy who mistakenly swallowed it in Eluru town of Andhra Pradesh’s West Godavari district.

Meesala Nireekshan, who unsuspectingly chewed and swallowed the plastic toy along with tomato rings in the packet at his home in Eluru last evening, choked to death, a police official said today.

The tiny toy was stuffed inside the snack pack and, after a few bites of the tomato rings, the boy consumed it as well mistaking it for an eatable, he said. “He then started vomiting and froth oozed out of his mouth when his mother saw him. Stuck in the throat, the toy caused the boy to choke as the efforts to pull it out failed,” the official said.

The boy was immediately rushed to the government hospital where he was declared brought dead, he said. The boy’s parents later filed a police complaint with the Two Town Police against the snack manufacturer, he said.

A case under relevant sections pertaining to unnatural death was registered in connection with the incident, the official said.

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‘Hell is Here’: Picture of elephant calf set on fire by mob in West Bengal wins top photography award

A photograph showing an elephant and its calf fleeing an angry mob has won the wildlife photography award for 2017 instituted by the Sanctuary Asia wildlife magazine.

The photograph titled ‘Hell is Here’ by Biplap Hazra was shot in West Bengal’s Bankura district, an area which sees large-scale man-animal conflict. It shows a mob hurling tar bombs and crackers at the elephants to ward the animals away from a human settlement which was nearby.

Describing the horror of the situation, the Sanctuary Nature Foundation, which awards the prize, had said, “In the Bankura district of West Bengal this sort of humiliation of pachyderms is routine, as it is in the other elephant-range states of Assam, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu and more.”

Hazra, a brick kiln owner by profession, told The New Indian Express the calf “somehow survived” the attack. Crackers are burst and fires raged to ward off the herds, he said.

“The calf may not have been intentionally set on fire by the villagers living in the vicinity of the elephant corridor that stretches from southwestern West Bengal up to Saranda forest in Jharkhand, but bursting crackers and throwing fireballs on elephant herds has been a common practice in this part of West Bengal,” he said.

India is the “global stronghold” for the Asian elephant, with over 70 percent of the species’ global population residing in a handful of Indian states.

But, as the Foundation added, vital elephant habitats and routes continue to be ravaged, and human-elephant conflict escalates to a fatal degree. “The ignorance and bloodlust of mobs that attack herds for fun, is compounded by the plight of those that actually suffer damage to land, life and property by wandering elephants and the utter indifference of the central and state government to recognise the crisis that is at hand,” it said in the accompanying note.

The award winning picture titled ‘Hell is Here’. Courtesy: Biplap [email protected] Wildlife Photography Awards 2017

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Gurgaon Schoolboy Killed By Senior, Not Bus Conductor (CBI Report)

Pradyuman Thakur, 7, was found with his throat slit in the toilet of Ryan International school in Gurgaon on September 8.

Gurgaon: Seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur was murdered at the Ryan International School in Gurgaon by a senior student who wanted his exams postponed, CBI sources said today in a stunning twist to the case that jolted the nation and led to a comprehensive review of safety in schools. A Class 11 student was detained last evening for killing Pradyuman, who was found outside a toilet near his classroom with his throat slit on September 8.

Here is your 10-point cheatsheet to this big story:

1: The student was earlier believed to be the one who spotted the body first. He will be produced before the juvenile board today.

2: The student, reportedly under psychiatric evaluation for a year, had been questioned several times in the past few days and his account kept changing, sources say.

3: The CBI says before the murder, he had bragged to his friends that the exams would be postponed and they should not bother to study. His school record shows he was “not a very good student”, officials say.

4: Sources say the student is one of the five people seen on security footage entering the washroom at the same time as Pradyuman.

5: The CBI found the weapon possibly used in the crime in a commode. Sources say the student had been seen carrying a knife to the school by his classmates and a teacher.

6: The student’s father said he was told at midnight yesterday that his son was being detained for murder. “My son did not commit the crime. We had been cooperating with the police. My son was questioned four times…They came to our house and question him too. Yesterday, they kept me sitting at their office till midnight and told me your son has committed murder and we are arresting him. They said you have to sign his confession. I left at 2 am,” he told news agency ANI.

7: A schoolbus conductor who was also seen entering the toilet on CCTV footage had earlier been arrested for the killing. The police had said that Ashok Kumar confessed to killing the boy after trying to sexually assault him. Sources say he is not off the hook yet, but the CBI is focusing on the student for now.

8: On security footage, Pradyuman, a student of Class 2, was seen crawling out of the bathroom after his throat had been slit. He collapsed next to a wall, his blood pooling around him. His body was discovered around 8 am, not long after his father dropped him off.

9: Pradyuman’s parents had accused the school of a cover-up and had alleged that the police had done a shoddy job. Under pressure from the parents, the Haryana government asked the CBI to investigate the murder.

10: The CBI took over the case on September 22 and reexamined the CCTV footage and forensic evidence.

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