Aliens on Mars? UFO mothership is on the Red Planet, claim spotters

UFO hunters think that they have discovered an alien mothership on Mars.

A video published to YouTube by Paranormal Crucible shows what they assert to be always a 1.3 mile long spaceship resting on the Red World.

The narrator is the video tutorial says that it’s proof a alien spaceship crash arrived on Mars where is has continued to be for a large number of years where it offers degraded as time passes.

A description under the training video reads: “I’ve refined, colorised and rebuilt the thing and in my own view this is a craft of some sort, possibly thousands of yrs . old.”

The images were considered by Nasa’s Mars Global Surveyor which snapped pictures of the earth before space firm lost connection with it in 2006.

marsh ufo

The narrator of the video tutorial says: “The thing is too degraded to improve totally therefore i have rebuilt it using the sights that are shown in the video tutorial.

Actual object

“It’s also on the mile long, which means this will need to have been a mothership, the Martian one or perhaps an off world alien varieties, but why achieved it crash?”

However, commenters of the video tutorial weren’t so convinced that it’s an alien dispatch.


One individual made the point: “Wait, if it crash landed, then where is the crater?”

Another said: “It’s a meteorite crash landing trench in my opinion.”

However, one person threw more mystery into the situation.They said: “It’s actually a rather deep ditch. The real mystery is how the hell it got out there? It’s in the middle of a very flat desert.”