Video Shows a Giant Dragon skeleton found in China. People are Shocked!

Video Shows a Giant Dragon skeleton found in China. People are Shocked!

A HUGE skeleton resembling a mythical dragon has been uncovered in China, relating to an amazing viral video.

Local people who flocked across the bizarre discovery seemed to believe maybe it’s genuine.

A lot more than 10 million folks have viewed the brief training video of the gigantic bone fragments which look like the fire-breathing famous dinosaur-like creature.

The remains look like a long back, with a set of legs and arms, and a dragon-like skull at one end.

Dozens of local people gather across the skeleton in the video tutorial that was filmed in Zhangjiakou City, in China’s north Hebei Province.

skeleton of dragon

Villagers seem to be persuaded as they stand in awe of the big pile of bone fragments.

The skeleton fits with the dragons that come in Chinese mythology.

Unlike the animals from the Western, Chinese dragons haven’t any wings and soar by “swimming” through air just like a snake.

Social networking users believe that it is merely a more elaborate hoax.

Authorities analyzing the corpse have yet release a a affirmation about the so-called dragon’s remains.

Ideas have been increased the skeleton may be considered a prop from a film, made by using a cow skulls, but no person has established these claims.

Some on Chinese language social multimedia said the skeleton seemed to have been put there intentionally.

On the site,, people composed that the skeleton appeared as if it was made out of cow or sheep bone fragments.

A writer on the site also posted an image of local people ‘operating’ the creature and said that the image was evidence they recognized it was a prank.

They had written: “The villagers were driving onto it and having pictures used, they confirmed no respect so that it was clear that they realized what it was.”

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